Monday, December 3, 2007

There can never be too many...

...Druids and druid-related blogs?

Motivation is a word that's been buzzing around my head quite a lot recently. And, so, perhaps beginning this fledgling Druid blog by means of explaining my motivation for doing so not only seems apt, but also kind of the "done thing" when it comes to matters of bloggage.

As a druid-obsessed WoW player and avid reader of other Druid blogs and such like, I wanted to write something that might come from a different perspective. I am neither a 100% tank, kitty-dervish, healerator, or owl, and although I am currently much more into pve raiding, I have recently gotten more interested in the mano y mano (yes, i know there are weapons involved too) pvp pleasures of battlegrounds and the arena. In addition, I have tried almost every druid spec there is, excluding some of the stranger ones... sealion spec comes to mind (great post on wow european forums if I can find and link), and this brings me to my point. While there is many a great blog and guide about specific aspects of druidism - see my links for my own personal faves - there are few (none come to mind.... please enlighten me i if you are/know and good ones) druids writing about the whole spectrum of life as one of the most, if not perhaps even the most, diverse classes in WoW.

And so, the motivation for this blog, which forms my aim in writing it, is that druids of all shapes and flavours (firstly in the guild in which I am an officer) can perhaps benefit from my internet trawlage and in-game experience of the many-splendoured fun that is being a Druid. So there it is, in a nut-shell.

A bit about me then. I am not a WoW pro or hardcore raiding type, but I do enjoy the game a lot and try and get as much out of it as I can. I am, cough cough, also a post-TBC player and so there are still many things that I have got to learn about my own class as well as everything else WoW-related. Nevertheless, having said all that, I do think that I know my class pretty well and take great pleasure in helping out my fellow druus and trying my damnedest to convince people of the druid's indisputable uberness (one of our Guild's warrior MTs is very much feeling the pressure from his Feral OT... hee hee).

I am currently resto specced (I recently respecced for pvp-viability from full raiding spec ToL), but, as I said I have and still do spec and respec whenever I get the urge. I spent my fledgling levelling days as mostly balance and then, frustrated by the slowness, respecced to a feral dominant hybrid build, which I liked a lot. However, when I started doing instances more regularly, I started to get the taste for tanking and specced full feral from levels 30-70. During that time I did spend the odd week or two as either Moonkin or Resto for a change of pace, and I very much enjoyed all aspects of druid play. Since our guild started doing more lvl70 instances together, the odd heroic and then started to raid Karazhan, I've been mostly resto (since 2.3 I've also gotten the taste for owl from time to time...+spell dmg on my healing gear is nice). I have now healed all the way through Karazhan (After we one-shotted Nightbane, we only have Netherspite left.... he's going down in tonight's raid though!!), and am looking forward to what the future holds for this big cow of mine.

Some more about my style: I am a gear obsessive moo moo, lootaholic some may say... including myself, but I am not a number-cruncher. I've read a fair bit about theory, especially in terms of tanking, but, once again, I'll leave that to the Feral specialists. My healing knowledge is getting better all the time, and is something that I really want to get more deeply into, and healing is perhaps a good example of how I want to approach this blog. I intend to write this mostly in the form of a journal, recounting my experiences and observations and leaving the math and factualism to my esteemed colleagues to the left of this post. For example, as I mentioned, Eternal Brigade is now going really well in Kara and I intend to relay the experiences I have garnered as a junior raid healer from beginning to end (from wiping a lot on Moroes, to downing prince in only 4 attempts), and also those of the more concerted foray into the arena that I hope to begin soon. In doing this, I am going to share with you my successes and failures, my revelations and confusions - and I really hope that any constructive comments would come my way so that I could further advance my own path to druid enlightenment!

That's the intro over I guess. I hope that anyone that stumbles across this li'l blog o' mine will enjoy reading it.

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